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A truly family run business, we aim to provide our customers with the BEST service and the cleanest floors in New Mexico. With our industry leading, patented equipment, we will make your floors look just like "new again"!
Our cleaning process is not like many others. We have the tools necessary to do large commercial properties as well as residential homes! Our factory certified technicians have been trained to clean ANY hard surface. From ceramic, porcelain, or quarry tile, to natural stone, brick or cement, we can clean it all!
Natural stone is a slightly more expensive and exponentially more delicate flooring option. Our certified technicians have been properly trained to know just what it takes to clean natural stone. While many other companies avoid natural stone, we are passionate about the beauty of a well maintained natural stone floor.

Commercial Carpet

Carpet in a commercial building can be a great asset in making the space feel and look more comfortable and usable, but it can also be a daunting task to keep the floors looking clean and fresh for both employees and for customers. 

We offer a unique "low-moisture" solution to keeping your commercial carpets looking just like new! Our low-moisture process allows us to clean commercial carpets very efficiently and the dry time is less than an hour!

Have a 20,000 sq. ft. office space and need the carpets cleaned and dry overnight? We can do it! We also are available on weekends to have your offices or commercial space clean and ready by Monday morning.  


Exterior Concrete is necessary but dirt and grease is just a fact of life. Whether you have a restaurant where grease and dirt paths are a weekly problem or have a sidewalk where gum seems to gather, we can work with you to develop a schedule to keep your concrete clean!