Tile & Grout Cleaning

We are the Hard Surface Experts

Whether you have porcelain or ceramic tile, new tile or old tile, never been touched or gets cleaned regularly, we can make your floor look New Again! With our industry leading equipment and our technician's knowledge and expertise, there's always an option to get your floors clean. We even offer color sealing should you want to change the color of your grout!

Natural Stone Cleaning

Cleaning - Sealing - Polishing

Natural stoner floors are beautiful additions to any home, but they do require maintenance. We have special equipment to be able to clean all types of natural stone. Once your stone is clean, we offer several options to seal and protect your stone. Stone such as travertine and marble can be polished to a resilient shine. We offer services to shine and seal these types of floors.

Brick Cleaning & Restoration

Years of Dirt? Years of wax? Brick floors CAN look New Again!

Since 2013 we've developed a unique and effective method to clean and restore brick floors. Whether new or old, brick floors are a beautiful addition to your home. Over time, brick does collect dirt and grime and needs to be cleaned. We have the tools to get your brick clean. In some cases, brick floors have had a urethane or other acrylic type wax applied to the floor. The older formulas for these types of waxes turn brown over time and can make a beautiful floor look dull and unappealing. We've developed a unique process to remove years of coatings and waxes to restore color and beauty to brick floors. Once everything is clean, we have new UV stable, anti-yellowing coatings to seal and protect your brick floors.

Saltillo Cleaning & Restoration

Sometimes Called "Mexican Tile"

What is more Southwest style than an original saltillo tile floor? Some have pet footprints, some are different colors and sizes. When clean and coated, Saltillo floors are truly beautiful! As with any floor, saltillo tiles and grout lines still get dirty. We have special tools and equipment to get your floors clean and keep the saltillo from being damaged. In some cases, waxes or old urethane coatings have turned brown with the sun and with age. We can remove this buildup of coating and wax to breathe new life into your floors. Once clean, we offer new UV stable, anti-yellowing  sealers and coatings to protect and keep your floors looking great!

Carpet Cleaning

Rotary Extraction = 5 times more effective

Almost everyone has carpet and all carpets need to be cleaned regularly.  We recommend a minimum of two years between cleanings. Many carpet cleaners offer the traditional cleaning using a carpet wand. We go a step further and use a rotary carpet cleaning tool. This tool spins while spraying the carpet with 5 different sprayers and extracts the water with 5 different extractors at the same time. This method means with each pass, your carpet is being cleaned 5 times more than with a carpet wand! Every job includes a pre-spray, post rinse, and we finish by raking the carpet. We even offer a sealing protectant for your carpe to keep your carpet looking cleaner longer. 

Epoxy Coatings

Garage Floors - Shop Floors - Storage Rooms - Warehouses

Bare concrete is difficult to maintain and not visibly appealing. We offer many color options to suit whatever you can imagine. We can do the traditional base coat & flake or even the metallic finish epoxies. Whether you have 100 sq. ft. or 100,000 sq. ft. no project is too small or too big. Give us a call and schedule a free, "no obligation" estimate. We can discuss your project and discuss some of the many options in epoxy floors!

Stained Concrete

Beautify and Protect Concrete Floors

Adding color to bare concrete can be a great way to add a touch of artistry and beauty to your floors. We offer several different methods of staining and sealing concrete floors. We even clean and re-seal existing stained concrete!  Give us a call and we can set up a free "no obligation" estimate to discuss some of our great options!

Commercial Services

We work with National Chains & Local Businesses

Commercial building maintenance is always a necessity. Since 2013 we've been serving all areas of New Mexico with a dedicated team and a commitment to excellence. Our commercial services have expanded as we've been asked by our clients to provide the same level of service to new areas. As we continue to grow, we'd be happy to add you to our growing list of satisfied clients!

Services We Offer

- VCT strip/wax & maintenance

- Commercial carpet cleaning

- Power washing

- Tile & grout cleaning 

- We're always adding more!


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